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Alchemex BIC (Sage Intelligence)

Alchemex Business Intelligence is a collective term that refers to the rapid transformation of business data into information to enable quality decisions to be made. Alchemex, a leading Business Intelligence specialist, delivers the value-packed Alchemex Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) module. Using the often untapped power of Microsoft Excel®, Alchemex BIC transforms your company’s data into valuable information, reducing the guesswork when making decisions.

The Alchemex BIC module gives you instant access to ‘live’ information. It also retains report formats and makes them available for future use. With Alchemex BIC you can generate spreadsheets by simply extracting Alchemex accounting data and converting it to an easy-to-read format.

Alchemex Business Intelligence Centre benefits include:

  • Time Savings
  • Monthly financials usually account for a large percentage of manual Microsoft Excel® labour. The greatest benefit offered by Alchemex BIC is that it frees up time, which is always a major factor for key staff. Automation creates freedom to be more productive.

  • Automated Management Pack with Drill Down
  • Alchemex BIC offers a dynamic management report pack which provides drill down functionality. Because it’s all in one Microsoft Excel® workbook, it can be saved and easily distributed. With the drill down facility you can configure your own selected drill downs across modules, companies and databases – all in Microsoft Excel®.

  • Integration with ABM, Sage and other Accounting and Payroll Systems
  • Alchemex BIC empowers Accounting and Payroll customers with the benefits of automated Microsoft Excel® reporting. BIC is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Alchemex accounting data, taking your business to the next level of reporting.

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • The initial investment in Alchemex BIC is affordable for any company and ROI is swift and repetitive. Alchemex BIC adds to the bottom line and translates into financial intelligence. Creating Software Businesses Want

    Consolidate and automate financial information across companies, departments and divisions in summary and in detail.

    Detailed Dashboard Display
    It’s now easier than ever to keep an eye on how your business is travelling by using the dashboard feature.

    Your company is already empowered to write reports through your investment in Microsoft Excel® software and skills. Use Alchemex BIC to maximise this investment.

    Customise your own management pack layout by selecting from a number of macro-driven management pack design options. Alchemex BIC includes a variety of useful management reports including a Monthly Management Pack, Sales, Inventory and other essential reports. Creating your own reports in Microsoft Excel® is now much easier! The Sales Master template serves as a basis for custom-built sales analysis with the ability to drill down to details. The Inventory Master template serves as basis for custom-built access to stock levels and movement in Microsoft Excel® with the ability to drill down to details.

    Other benefits include the ability to:

    auto-generate account groupings when setting up your pack using specific rules for your company
    reduce manual data entry to minimise the risk of human error
    create relationships between data entities using the graphical join facility

    With Alchemex Business Intelligence Centre:

    logic built into reports alerts users when new GL accounts have been added and/or deleted
    no additional databases are required
    all rules of extraction are defined in Alchemex BIC reports
    existing templates are used to fast-track custom reporting
    the Microsoft Windows Explorer® look and feel is familiar and easy to use

    Cost/Benefit Analysis
    As a high level Excel Reporting tool, it will result in considerable reduction in the amount of time and effort required to produce regular management reports. The following table is an indicative assessment of how much you could save in utilizing Alchemex Business Intelligence Centre:

    Case Study:
    Microgenics Diagnostics

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