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Axsapt Expense Tracking App for iOS and Android

The Mobile Expense App is a tool for managing your business expenses and reducing the time entering and tracking them.

It allows real time entry of Receipts and Reimbursement claims with Android, iPhone & Tablets, with the ability to capture images of those receipts and or the images of the expense item.

Expenses are managed through a console that allows approval, adjustment or rejection of expense claims.


Features include:

  • Expenses are captured in real time and reduce the chance of receipts going missing
  • Runs on Android / iOS devices
  • Tailored expense categories
  • Multiple Cards per person
  • Multiple Currency
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Project Costing
  • Capture multiple images per expense
  • Authorisation, rejection or amendment of expenses
  • Posting to ABM and optionally other Accounting Systems

Coming in version 1a:

  • Splitting Payments


Coming in version 2:

  • Posting Expenses against Jobs
  • Mileage Tracking


Expense App:
Easy login screen

Login Screen

Easy login screen

Expense List screen

Login Screen

Expense list screen

Expense Detail screen

Login Screen

Expense detail screen

Attached images screen

Login Screen

Attached images screen

Expense Management:

Expense Manager Overview

Expenses ready for approval or adjustments

Expense Manager Overview

Expenses ready for processing

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