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Axsapt Matrix – Accounting Software for Fashion

Axsapt Matrix is a powerful Windows™ accounting system designed for the Textiles, Clothing, Footwear & Fashion Accessory Industry and other businesses whose stock fits within the Style, Colour, Size, Season model.

In Axsapt Matrix, a Style is represented in a spreadsheet-like grid called a Matrix. Each Style is broken down into multiple stock items represented by the intersection of Sizes and Colours.

Primarily suited to the clothing and footwear industries, Axsapt Matrix will also suit any business whose basic stock items can be further classified into attributes . For example: Axsapt Matrix has been successfully implemented in the following industries:

  • Plasterboard/drywall distribution
  • Food including Sauces and Condiments manufacture and distribution.
  • Bicycle and Accessories distribution
  • Many other industries are suited to this model including the Timber, Carpet, Computer Software and some service based industries that rely on charging different rates for different services.

A Style is a super-stock item in Axsapt Matrix. It is comprised of at least one Colour and only one Size type .

Style Maintenance

Style Maintenance – Notice 8 selling prices, unlimited colours and up to 15 sizes

All Styles are attached to Product groups , which determines what general ledger accounts, are effected by stock transactions. Similarly, each style is allocated a tax category (if applicable).

Each style is allocated to a Size type and a range of Colours. Up to 8 selling prices are available for each Style and for reporting purposes there is a Season field, 6 user-defined fields and an unlimited Details text field.

Style Maintenance with Image and Notes

Images, sales information and other notes are stored against each product

Style Costing

You should avoid using Spreadsheets to calculate the cost of your products because they are prone to errors from incorrect formulae and assumptions. Also, most spreadsheets are single user so you can only have one person updating information at a time. Axsapt Matrix avoids this problem by allowing you to do your costings directly against the style. The following screen shot is just an example of one type of costing screen available. As part of your implementation, your Axsapt Business Consultant will work with you to ensure your spreadsheets are setup in the Style Maintenance Screen.


Style Maintenance with Costing Screen

The costing screen is completely configurable to suit your way of costing Styles



An unlimited number of colours can be attached to each Style.

Colours can be up to 20 characters in length and can include letters, numbers and embedded spaces. You are not limited to using colours in the traditional sense. A colour in Noble Matrix is simply an attribute that is attached to a Style. In most cases the colour does not effect the price of the Style.

Sizes are grouped together for convenience. This grouping is called a Size type. For instance, the sizes: 08, 10, 12, 14 and 16 may be collectively known as Ladies’ sizes. In this way when you create a new style, you simply attach the Size type to it, rather than all the individual sizes that would normally make up that group.

Sizes can be up to 4 characters in length and can include letters, numbers and embedded spaces. You are not limited to using sizes in the traditional sense. A size in Noble Matrix is simply an attribute that is attached to a Style.

A season in Noble Matrix is an optional attribute that attaches to a Style for reporting and querying purposes.

Seasons can be up to 10 characters in length and can include letters, numbers and embedded spaces. If your products are not seasonal, you can ignore this field.

Variable Style Pricing
Ordinarily, each style will have up to 8 selling prices, which are applicable to all combinations of colour and size. However, if you have a requirement to allocate price variances to specific combinations of colour or size, Noble Matrix can accommodate up to 3,600 pricing variations for each style.

In the above example, a Jacket sold in Navy is more expensive than Black and the smaller sizes are cheaper than the larger sizes.

Sales and Purchases
All transaction screens for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, purchase deliveries, purchase returns, purchase invoices, purchase credits, sales quotations, sales deliveries, sales returns, sales invoices and sales credits are consistent.

Customers and suppliers can be added on the fly. The search screen allows searching by account code or name or by selecting from a listing.

Existing sales and purchase documents can be reprinted, loaded and orders can be deleted.

Sales Order

Transaction entry screens are always in Style/Colour/Size format making it easy to work with. Notice stock information for individual components

Picking List

Example of a picking slip by Colour/Size for each Style


Sales Invoice Layout

Fully configurable Invoice layout by Style/Colour/Size making it easier to read.

Axsapt Matrix includes a powerful report writer. Virtually all reports produced within Axsapt Matrix can be either printed or previewed on the screen.

In real time, the layout of the currently printed or previewed report can be altered and then the report re-processed. Reports can also be exported to spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

The layout of all reports and documents (invoices, delivery dockets, pick lists etc) are fully configurable by the operator. Invoices can incorporate logos and other bitmap files, shading, lines, boxes and fonts.

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