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Sage WageEasy Payroll and HR

Wage Easy Payroll HR is the best payroll and human resource information management system available in Australia for complex employment situations.

Designed by Sage Micropay, the latest Windows release already has thousands of business users in Australia ranging in size from ten employees to several thousand employee multi-site operations.

Administering employees and their payments can use a large amount of business resources. In large companies, this usually means specific administration staff and systems – in small businesses it often means late nights for the manager and the sense of a chore that steals time from the productive areas of the business.

Much time and energy is required to gather the correct information to ensure compliance with complex regulations, awards and contracts. Employment conditions often include penalties for varying hours of work, days of work, hours of work within a day, overtime payments and so on.

Other employee administration tasks include calculation and provision of information on superannuation, sick, annual and long service leave, workers compensation insurance, taxation, and employment statistics, plus payments for most of the above. This is made all the more difficult when there are staff on different awards or conditions.

Without the use of efficient methodologies and good information systems, the employee administrative load wastes a huge amount of business time and resources. Wage Easy Payroll provides you with a more accurate and efficient information and wages systems which will allow the release of resources for use in improving business operation and will reduce the amount of industrial friction and compliance problems caused by error.

The optional Sage ESS (Employee Self Service) is available as a web-based solution to allow your team to manage their own details, request leave. The Sage ESS also supports On-boarding of prospective employees. Click here for more information.

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